Artificial Lift Gas Lift, ESP, Rod Pump, PCP, Jet Pump
Production & Reservoir Enhanced Recovery Contract Services
- Tooling, Design, Optimization, Troubleshooting, Factory/foundry Inspections, Specification, Training. Artificial Lift Market Surveys.
Technology transfer - specialized in commissioning local service & manufacturing centers, worldwide.

Geographical experience base:
 • Middle East Gulf Region - Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Iraq
 • North Africa- Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria
 • Asia - China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
 • Latin America - Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela
 • North America - Canada, U.S.A.
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        Updates :
      artificial lift tools Looking for specialized tooling solutions? Contact us today.
      artificial lift troublershooting training Oil & Gas Operators - Please click here for 2012 ESP Troubleshooting Training schedule
      artificial lift reports and studies Order customized artificial lift technology surveys & market reports
      enhanced oil recovery Knowledge base: Artificial Lift papers & presentations: click here.

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Professional Services

How can we help you?
Our oil & gas production professional contract services are in association with, and associates worldwide.

Examples of project methodology and bios of our principal associates may be found by clicking here. is a leading provider of specialized professional services to the production sector of the oil and gas industry worldwide. Our principals are supported by experienced associates, with the know-how and processes to execute to task, focused on your target objectives. enjoys working with and providing valuable services to many of the industry's leading oil companies, contractors, and manufacturers.

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Production revenue makes the bottom line.

What types of services can help us with?

• Enhance daily well production and optimize reservoir recovery with design methods such as advanced Nodal Design processes
• Identify operator performance deviations, production improvement options & surveillance needs
• Review and recommend well start up procedures
• Identify problem sets and recommendations to improve operational efficiency
• Jobsite commissioning support
• Tooling engineered applications
• Manufacturer and Third party foundry and critical element vendor - now often in China - inspections & audits ( ie. Don't Expect what you Don't Inspect )
•Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis
• 'A' level professional recruiting and contract personnel services
• and other advisory contract services. Contact us and let us know your specific artificial lift functional requirements.

What about professional services such as specific skill set training for engineers and operations specialists? Can you help us?
Answer - Yes. You'll receive training customized to your specific needs and objectives. During the development process, we work with you to prepare and deliver a valuable learning program - well in advance of the first day of training! The day after training, graduates of our training programs can execute to company objectives. Target and shared focus are to optimize production, reduce downtime / other operating expenses, and safety for personnel & operations.

Besides customized training programs, preprepared training seminars are also offered. You may even register and order online today.

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