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Oil & Gas Production Artificial Lift
Global Market Report, Industry Survey and Forecast
2011 / 2012

Compiled from Artificial Lift Pro Services ( proprietary data, augmented by experienced associates and affiliates resource base worldwide. Please click here, for a pdf version of this web based introduction.

Limited licenses are available to equity investors, oil & gas operators, manufacturers and service companies.

Each license holder may order special customized and integrated analysis reports at special rates.

Highlights - market data and analyses:

·        Oil & Gas Operator Value Chain Decision Making Process

·        Total Available Market – (TAM)

·         Served Available Market  - (SAM)

·        PAGES-REPORT.jpg Shared Market – (SOM)


        ·  Artificial Lift Technology road map, competitive matrices, and segmentation.

       1.     Rod pump

       2.     Electrical Submersible Pump

       3.     Gas Lift

       4.     Progressive Cavity Pump

       5.     1-PIE.jpgJet Pump Systems, WL-R & other alternative technologies

·        Automation and Production Optimization

1.     Past, present, future

2.     Vendor analysis

3.     Future path and growth forecast v/v operator requirements

·        Artificial Lift technology price point analysis

·        Product Market Segmentation

1.     Geographical Distribution including Russia & Caspian

2.     Technology by type

3.     Capital Expenditures

4.     Operator – majors, national, and independents

·        Paradigm Shifts in the marketplace

·        Oil service company update reports

§  Publicly traded

§  outline.jpgPrivately owned

·        LIFT-DATA.jpgNorth America

·        Asia Pacific

·        Russia

·        Europe

·        Latin America

·        Mergers & Acquisitions

1.     Recap historical baseline

2.     Current valuations case studies


Value Case

License pricing - $170,000 USDLR. Limited distribution offering – ten licenses are provided for each annual core edition. Each 132-page base report is licensed and pages salted with licensee identification. Special customized addendums are available for a price range $10,000, and up depending on your specific objectives and scope. Updates are available at no extra cost during license term year.

Comparisons.  Our offering is an investment, and a value. Data are derived from associates and industry veterans around the world, who are incentivized through our licensed sales revenue to mine accurate data and comprehensive analysis to meet certain strategic market information objectives. Consider: our customer licensees often have multi-million dollar marketing departments. Looking for another vantage point and independent review of the market compared to your in-house reports? A single senior marketing professional compensation package is about the same price as our license. And even a single data-string of pearls, or particular analysis can reap payback on investment many times over.

Strategic decisions draw on thorough data, and operational, financial and market metric analyses. Our vantage point is independent, our insights unique, and our artificial lift professional experience base second to none. We believe you may be surprised by our market findings, and how our analyses differ from what is today commonly reported by third party market information providers and various industry pundits.

get out of the box

For the acquisition & mergers capitalist looking to analyze and invest in this oil & gas sector, please contact us should you require optional data packs of insightful financial and market data to help you assess market valuations of publicly traded and privately owned artificial lift enterprises.

Interested to learn more, or alternately, request a customized or segmented market report?

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