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If you'll be purchasing artificial lift equipment, you may need some help preparing specifications and creating a methodology to properly evaluate offerings from various vendors.

We can help you collect the data and specify your requirements to vendors for them to provide you a good solution.

Afterwards, we can assist you in asking vendors the right questions during the evaluation period to make the right choices and evaluate the best economic and operating solution for you.

ESP and PCP Bid Tender proposal preparation support and post bid evaluation

Value based proposal decision making goes well beyond the appearance of an initial perception of low price. Artificial Lift Pro helps you evaluate total overall investment and ROI payback involving criteria such as operating power costs and other OPEX parameters, lifetime cycle, reliability, parts availability, service capabilities, and safety metrics. In financial terms, totalize and assess these criteria into a value based vendor selection process to optimize production, and maximize your production revenue.

On the engineered application proposed, are you aware that poor applications are actually a leading root cause of early failure? So what can an Oil & Gas operator do about it during the tender stage?

How certain are you that the vendor's sales effort in preparing application proposals are accurate, reliable and best case? Is your equipment salesman certified through an updated training process to prepare complex downhole or surface sizings with today's technology? Does your vendor even have an engineered applications certification process, and when was the last time the salesman went through it? Are you assuming the vendor has made the proper equipment selection soley based on criteria like their vendor brand recognition? Are you willing to risk $$$ production, pull costs and other consequences without third party professional oversight during the proposal and evaluation process? These are things to consider in today's marketplace of limited staffing, and various levels of proficiency.

Oil & Gas operators contract Artificial Lift.pro for support through the artificial lift equipment proposal process and evaluation. Select the value-based vendor solution that provides the greatest return on your investment, and offers the longest run - fit to reservior and well design.

Please contact us today, and let us know how we can help.

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on 2012-03-27 09:01:07

This is the type of service that is relatively new to a lot of vendors. 
It's an effective way to choose the best solution, and also keep operators out of trouble. 
Good investment towards reduced OPEX and improving production.

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