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Oil & Gas Production Artificial Lift
Factory Inspection Services & Production Wellsite Commissioning Supervision

Oil & Gas Production operators contract us to provide parallel industry services, such as:

 • Independent Third Party Plant Manufacturing Inspection - "Don't Expect what you Don't Inspect"

The inspection process offers a significant financial payback in savings to you for a small upfront investment. Contract Artificial for tooling calibration cert audits, third party foundry inspections ( castings, critical element, carbide parts, finishing, metallurgical certification verfication --- a claimed cert can be just be another piece of vendor paper, if not witnessed---, lapping integrity for high polish / critical wear parts having tight tolerance requirements, final assembly, motor/drive, and sump, test bench or other hydraulic wet tests. Are you certain you're getting what you paid for? Need support assessing and preparing a well documented purchase order with industry standards beyond API RP11, and meaningful purchase order specifications that apply to your application? Consider this - who paid the cost of your last pull? How much did the workover cost? Value of lost production to your top and bottom lines?
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